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Greenformatics is a Budapest-based Tech company offering innovative data-driven solutions for its clients in order to go digital and optimize, automatize and visualize their processes, making them transparent and efficient. Our goal is to develop easy-to-use and user friendly softwares with a 100% utility in order to contribute to a high level of customer experience.

Founded in 2010, we had successful projects in data related services such as data cleansing, data migration, reporting and application support. Also we are experienced software developers with numerous clients mainly from the multinational telco and banking industry, SMEs and public sector. We pay special attention to our clients’ needs and problems. Via our services we help them grow by assisting them to achieve their goals and making a difference by raising our industry standards.

Our experts
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Ádám Fónagy, CEO
Senior Data Engineer
Ádám has 10+ years of experience in telecommunication in the field of IT development, data processing and data migration. Due to the consolidation of the industry he worked as a project leader and methodological leader in data migration projects concerning acquisitions. He also played a key role in many successful projects as a software designer and developer. Recently his focus of interest is in business intelligence, machine learning and Big Data.
Domokos Horváth, COO
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Domokos changed from the field of R&D and business development to software development 4 years ago. Due to his overall project management knowledge he was responsible for the transparent and effective delivery of many significant and multiannual projects. As managing director his goal is that projects will provide a high level of customer satisfaction.
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Áron Kovács, Senior Architect
Software Engineer Team Leader
Áron is a senior developer with more than 10 years of experience working on our agile projects. He is a master of Java, Spring and Angular, and as a stable, reliable and sustainable solution seeker he is always up to date with the latest technological trends. Áron excels in rapid problem solving and he approaches all emerging issues with a general can-do attitude. As a senior developer he is an experienced project planner and an excellent coordinator of his team. He offers professional advice that meets the real needs of the client.
Sebestyén Harmati, Senior DevOps Engineer
DevOps Team Leader
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Sebi has been dealing with the maintenance of critical applications with high number of users for more than 8 years and has also worked in projects as a developer. His goal is that the systems and applications operate in a stable and secure way. With his proactive and problem solving attitude he is keen on automatizing all possible processes while applying new technologies.
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Karolina Diós, Senior Project Manager
Project Manager Team Leader
Karolina has more than 5 years of project management and business analysis experience in the IT sector. In her previous role she worked as a project owner on the business side which helped her develop appropriate communication skills with clients and a deeper understanding of their needs and demands. Currently she is on the service provider side managing agile projects as product owner where she is the key link between the development team and the client. Her strength is her analytical thinking and her ability to highlight the cause and effect links. She can exploit all these abilities to ease both the client's and the development team's understanding of the project through the specifications and make sure that everyone is satisfied with the desired software.

Our values

Quality and reliability

Long-term partnership

Flexibility and agility

Innovation and sustainability

Companies completing their transformation processes successfully and entering the market by using a digital business model will satisfy customer needs at a higher level and quality.


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